Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Metamorphosis" excerpt from "Illustrated Men"

Illustrated Men
1 artist, 15 authors, 16 paintings, 17 short stories 

"Illustrated Men" contributor/author, George Seaton also shares his experience with the project and a snippet of his short story, "Metamorphosis" on his blog - "Coddling My Muse"



Excerpt from "Metamorphosis"

Short story by George Seaton


Deaglan worked a few years in construction, bartended, watied tables. Served filet mignon and bouillabaisse, eased corks from twenty-year-old bottles. Appreciated the attention given to his looks as something he couldn’t help, nor wanted to. Seemed clothes tended to caress his body like shrink wrap a valued commodity. Gave up on underwear. Smiled at faces, men and women–forks shoveling chunks of rare meat into wide mouths–whose eyes captured, for later fanciful reference, the swing of a goodly treasure against the fine, thin linen Deaglan preferred. Pleased himself with a turn of his head, seeing in some of those same eyes a perceived desire to gnaw on the tightly muscled jut of his ass, framing a slit that surely promised deeper treasures. Dessert here, anyone?

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