Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Boycotting Target; It's Not Business, It's Just Personal.

::My letter to Target's CEO::

Dear Sir,

Yes this is a complaint email regarding Target's contribution to help elect a homophobic right wing extremist who even has ties to groups that advocate the killing of some of your very own customers, people in the LGBT community.

What I find most despicable is the cavalier attitude Target has taken since the information has come to light..."oh it's just business, we're just supporting him because he promises to lower our corporate tax, nothing personal, just business."   The corporate mindset is so disconnected to basic human kindness that putting profit ahead of peoples basic liberties is somehow an acceptable business practice. Target is hardly alone in this, just look at the headlines, whether it's Goldman Sachs, BP, AIG, corporate disregard for people is rampant.  And it's vomitous. Where do you draw the line?  Or is there a line at all? As long as Target can pay less tax and contribute as little as possible to maintaining the benefits, security and way of life this country provides, one that allows a companies like Target to exist and prosper, would Target support any bigoted, genocidal, psychopath running?  Apparently so, as long as it's good for Target's bottom line.

Now that the Supreme Court allows corporations to funnel money into political campaigns, I will be much more selective with which businesses I patronized.  If Target is going to be a business partner with someone who is vehemently opposed to my basic rights and personal liberties I can no longer shop and spend my money there.  I will urge my family, friends, and fans to do the same.


Michael Breyette


Timothy said...

Great letter!

TEX said...

Hey Michael- Your a' Great Spoksman fur the Proud Gay Community!
YaDa Man and This Proud Gay totally feels the Same way!
What is Target Thinkin'????? They are wayoff base and have lost my Business Big Time!