Friday, August 13, 2010

Boycott Target, and all corporations trying to buy our elections.

Our politicians SHOULD be working for the people, serving the people, not the interests of a corporation. Often we need our government to protect us from the exploitation of corporations, (BP, AIG, Monsanto, Nestle, etc.) not siding with them because they hold the purse strings.


Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about the labor unions that extort money from workers and then use it to buy power from politicians.

Anonymous said...

Right, no organization should be funding politicians, that should be up to the individual voter.

But in defense of labor unions, they are at least looking out for the best interests of workers and their families (a.k.a. people)and are usually elected by the workers themselves. And after all it's people who politicians are supposed to be working for. Yes some industries require a worker to pay union dues, but I wouldn't call it extortion. A union's achievements benefit ALL the workers, so it really would not be fair for some to get a free ride. It's like paying taxes, we all benefit (directly and indirectly) from the roads, schools, libraries, military, ending poverty, caring for the elderly etc. So no one should be exempt.