Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Part of Academia

I recently received and granted a request by Prof. Steven Kruger at CUNY to use one of my works, "The Baths", in an essay he wrote. The paper is on gay male medieval fantasies and will be under submission as a chapter in an edited collection.

Then I was contacted by Professor Scott Herring of Indiana University who is writing a response to Kruger in the edited edition. His is meant to flesh out Kruger's strong claims for gay male eroticism and relationships in the early twentieth century and he wanted to use "Dashing Through the Snow" to exemplify that. Mr. Herring also asked me a few questions regarding inspiration and motivation. The essay will be published in a scholar journal or a scholarly edition.

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Alex said...

Fabulous! I always liked "The Baths". I'd love to see more "historicals".