Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is McCouture Next?

I've recently heard 2 stories regarding the struggling economy. The first one was about shoppers in high-end retail locales such as NYC's 5th Avenue, asking for plain shopping bags or bringing their own. The reason? Either guilt or shame for still having money and still being able to afford nice things.

The other story was about Fashion Week in New York. Some design houses have drastically reduced or eliminated many extravagances that usually go along with this upper class spectacle. The usual Champagne served at the Mercedes-Benz sponsored event has been replaced with McCafé coffee.

For me, I'd much rather know that some people are doing okay and people are still buying, that all is not lost. I'd feel much more optimistic, and optimism is key in re-invigorating a slumping economy.

Now Mercedes-Benz doesn't need to go all out with Champagne, but how about a nice white wine, I am pretty sure they can still afford that. Really, has it come to McDonald's coffee already? (c'mon how about Starbucks at least!).

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