Saturday, February 07, 2009

Art of the Month: Lathered Up

Start with the warm spray of water, the fresh fragrance of an exotic soap, the silky bubbles and rivulets that cascade down your body, and then add the gentle touch of a lover's hands caressing your skin and massaging your body as he lathers you up. The often menial act of bathing becomes intimate and sensual. Arousal is inescapable.

Each month I feature one of my pieces as the Art of the Month. For February it's "Lathered Up". All prints of this work are 20% off if ordered from my website.


Anonymous said...

This has been one of my favorites for a long time - it's hard to explalin why I firmly like this image so much. Perhaps the shaft of light coming through to illuminate the cum clean cock.
Enough plays on words - playing with something else would be much more fun!
Thanks for the moment in time!
I'll volunteer to clean up the water on the floor.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the artwork that features aroused, fully erect cocks.
And of course, the soapy water makes it even hotter!