Tuesday, December 04, 2007


(not worthy of the title) President Bush has been steadily moving closer to war with Iran. But a stunning new intelligence report shows that Iran shut down its nuclear weapons program in 2003, and Bush has known for months. Today Bush claims he only just found out, which contradicts National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley who said Bush was first told in August or September about intelligence indicating Iran had halted its weapons program. Bush is a liar. Bush is repeating his lies and tactics of causing fear among the American people to support a war he knows in unjustified. This perpetual use of fear is Terrorism 101.

Of course, Congress who have not acted on the fact that Bush knowingly deceived them and the nation regarding the pretense to invading Iraq by initiating impeachment are equally culpable for whatever is to come.

I am by no means a fan of Iran (especially being gay and all) just in case you fall for the FOX News jingoism that unless you support Bush and the Republicans you're an Iranian sympathizer or a terrorist. What Bush is doing
has nothing to do with any policies or atrocities carried out by the government of Iran same as with Iraq, this is about a President not only choosing war as his first option but asking young men and women to die for their country while lying to their faces when doing it. The man is vile.


Ron Gadaire said...

Kudos Michael! My exact sentements. A human war machine that uses false intelligence to keep the majority of America in fear. He is clinically a pathological liar. When his own party does not back him I hope that unnerves him at night..... but he is so arrogant and narcisisistic that probably does not occur. Well written, news commentator next? "Michael Breyette with the Facts, not Fiction, at 9pm on MSNBC."
Stay warm and thank you for speaking on my behalf too, unknowingly.
Ron Gadaire

Michael Breyette said...

Hey Ron,

Sometimes I hesitate to post political views on here. I don't think that's the reason most folks come to my blog. But speaking out against what Bush has done and is doing is not expressing a political view it's exercising civic responsibility. No one should keep quiet about this, that's how people get away with stuff. It's our patriotic duty. Enough with this crap about not supporting the troops if you're against the wars. They are the ones recklessly and without conscience putting the military forces in harms way and the security, economy, and future of the country in jeopardy on false pretenses and lies.

Be an American - STOP BUSH!