Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Act to save the Free Press

The wise founders of this country knew the importance of free speech and a free press. There is no democracy if the news and media is controlled by one voice, whether it be the government or a single corporation. The FCC has had a long time ban on the number and nature of news outlets that can be controlled by a single company.

Today FCC head Kevin Martin along with two Republican commissioners lifted that restriction giving big media corporations the ability to swallow up the voices of independent news outlets.

Imagine a nation where the only news is the biased republican propaganda that FOX News spews forth.... scary...or the 'celebri-news' and 'infotainment' that was once the domain of Access Hollywood but is now featured on 'serious' news programs.

The FCC ignored widespread public opposition to the lifting of this ban, despite the fact that they are to serve the best interest of us, the citizens and not mega corporations (which is the unfortunate trend in all aspects of our government).

Take just moment to sign this open letter to Congress and STOP BIG MEDIA.

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