Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Too Hot for Television!

While discussing the recent record sale ($106.5 million at auction) of this Pablo Picasso painting on ABC's "The View", an image of the work was shown on screen.  Upon further discussion, moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked if they could put up the image again and was told they could not because their legal department wouldn't allow it.  It wasn't because they did not have rights to show it, but because it showed a woman's nude breast.

Television inundates us with so much violence and sexual titillation (and that's just Good Morning America), it's confounding that this is where the line is drawn to protect society; showing a work of art for longer than 30 seconds.  And it's not even a realistic depiction of a breast.

So when I get annoyed with facebook or other websites deleting images of my artwork because they are deemed 'adult' even tho they don't show nudity or sex, I guess I should be thankful any of my work is allowed if our society really is this gymnophobic (fear of nudity).

Now whether this work is worth $106.5 million, is a whole other discussion.

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