Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Bells from D.C. to Mexico City

This week  Washington D.C. and Mexico City saw their first same-sex marriages.  Both cities had earlier passed laws allowing such unions, but the first ceremonies were performed in D.C. on Tuesday and in Mexico city on Thursday.

The Mexican federal government of President Felipe Calderon, a conservative Catholic, filed a challenge to the law last month, arguing that it violates the rights and protections of families and children (how it violates their rights is beyond me). The city's legal advisor, Leticia Bonifaz, said she didn't expect a ruling for a year or more.

In the U.S. last month, Maryland Atty. Gen. Douglas F. Gansler announced that the state, a neighbor to D.C., will recognize same-sex marriages from out of state until the state Legislature or courts decide otherwise.  Conversely D.C.'s other neighbor, the backward state of Virginia, has declared that universities there do not have the right to ban discrimination against GLBT individuals.  

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