Saturday, November 07, 2009

on the drawing board: flight of fancy

I was browsing through my copy of Titans, the art of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, and got the idea to blend that dynamic superhero vibe to an idea I was formulating for my next piece.

When people ask me where I get my inspiration, there is no simpler answer other than 'anywhere & everywhere'. Along with inspiration from Titans, the influences for this piece also include the HBO miniseries Angles in America, and primarily the atrocities carried out against gay men in countries like Iran and Iraq. I can't imagine anything more horrifying to god (if one exists) or a religious person than their religion perpetuating violence or instigating prejudice against others.


Joe Phillis said...

You and I have such different techniques. I do a fuul tonal value of the entire picture then I float colors on top and finally add highlights. I don't think I could paint like you I don't see the final image in my head till 5 minutes before I stop painting, LOL.
Looking forward to seeing it finished.
Joe Phillips

Michael Breyette said...

i do make myself a a sort of 'blueprint' guide to work from, so I know what I'm doing, but even with that, it keeps evolving as I work on it, so maybe not sooo different :-)