Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Maine Voters Strip Away Rights of fellow Americans

Tuesday, voters in Maine threw the American creed "liberty and justice for all" into the firepit when a slim majority determined who has rights and who doesn't. Apparently equality in America is a dead concept and prejudice and religious beliefs of the majority trump everything in the 'land of the free'. Whose rights shall they go after next? the blacks? the Hispanics? the Jews? the Catholics? Yours? To everyone who voted down the rights of the minority you are traitors. To go against the ideal that we are all created equal, that we all have the rights to life, liberty and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is so anti American you don't deserve to live in this country and enjoy the rights and protections you have.

On the bright side, the vote was very close and as those older 'narrow minded' voters (you know the ones, they still use the n-word or 'col'erds') will pass on in the next few years and take their hatefulness into hell with them.

Am I being too harsh? Eh, deal with it.

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