Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CA Keeps Existing Same-Sex Marriages, Will Civilization Crumble?

When the California Supreme court ruled on Tuesday to uphold Propostion 8 banning same-sex marriages, they also ruled that the 18,000 gay and lesbian unions that took place while it was legal will remain valid.

So apparently these same-sex marriages have been deemed harmless to the State and the institution of marriage, prevent no threat to opposite sex marriages and will not bring about the collapse of Chrisianity and all of civilization.  

By keeping valid these existing marriages, the court has clearly illustrated that Prop 8 is purely an act of sexual discrimination.  Perhaps this will actually be fuel for overturning this heinous ammendment.


Rainbow said...

Well said and beautifully drawn, Mike!

Clare London said...

Wow, that's *exactly* the point I made in a discussion recently. I'm amazed and baffled the opponents of gay marriage don't seem to *see* that basic contradiction in their arguments LOL.