Tuesday, February 05, 2013

On the drawing board: depth in the mundane

Normally after a few in progress posting of what I'm working on I'll unveil the finished piece.  But because that piece was a commission and is meant to be a gift, I'm holding off until it's revealed to the birthday boy.

Meanwhile here is a portion of the next piece I'm working on.  As you all know I do love capturing the simplistic beauty of seemingly mundane moments.  I just love the idea of concocting a story and all the emotions that might be playing out in such a simple instance.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm...nice view, Michael.

Making a bed can be so sexy and fun, especially when early in a relationship, when everything is sexy and fun. I remember my husband and I both twisting the top sheet in opposite directions, while trying to flatten it out--we ended up laughing and making love on the twisted, bunched up sheet.

oceanboy47 said...

Michael, I like this drawing and it will be different to give a new feel or a fabric which we use all the time and in our lives with your touch. I can not wait.