Wednesday, January 16, 2013

on the drawing board: a commissioned boat

A client from Germany has commissioned me to do a piece for him. Above is my sketch for the piece and as with any commission I do, I have to find something about that excites and inspires me.  This one does.

When a client asks for a commission they tell me what they are looking for and I come up with a preliminary layout first that hopefully satisfies most of their request.  This client told me this sweet romantic story of the first time they got to be 'out' and alone together on a vacation to a lake.  He neglected to mention that he wanted the figures naked or that is was to be more sensual and a little less sweet.  Below was my first sketch for him. While it's a good concept, I'm very glad that it ended up being the sexier one above!


Jambrea said...

I love them both!!! Very cool!

Tomais Ashdene said...

Awesome sketches either way. :-)