Sunday, March 18, 2012

on the drawing board: something to say? say it with naked men

It seems my pieces evolve on two fronts.  There is the vision, in the literal sense, the 'what it's going to look like' and then their is the idea, the emotion, the motivation, the comment I am expressing.  These two seem to work in tandem, often one taking the lead over the other.  Sometimes the seed comes from the vision other times from the idea.  It's my conscious vs. my subconscious. When it comes from the vision I analyze it to find out why it appeals to me why this is something that I am driven to create.  When I have an idea first I have to create a piece around, and that can sometimes be more of a challenge.  There are times when my idea might not be something you'd easily associate with my  forté of handsome naked men.  But when I manage to come up with a way to do it, it's very satisfying.

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