Saturday, November 26, 2011

Be Part of the Art: Give a title to my new piece

I need some help coming up with a proper title for my newest piece. Submit your ideas, and if I select yours you'll not only get a signed limited edition print but you'll also get bragging rights!

If the chosen title is submitted by more than one person, the winner will be who ever sent it in first. Submission deadline is 11:59 PM EST Tuesday November 29th.

I am partial to titles that are not only appropriate to the scene but also clever. And if they can be fitting on more than one level, the better. Good luck and have fun!

The Original as well as limited edition Gallery and Studio prints are available for purchase at the Special First Day Price through Midnight ET Tonight. Orders will be shipped after the contest is over.

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RMcD said...

Fall '11, in the woods, by the stream.