Wednesday, October 06, 2010

"Dirty Laundry" exerpt from "Illustrated Men"

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Illustrated Men
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I'm really excited to have been part of this project. Thanks Michael for including me, and thanks to all who've already emailed me regarding an autographed copy. You guys rock. ~ Veronica   

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Excerpt from "Dirty Laundry"
Short story by Veronica

And there he stood. Nothing on but a gray tank top.

"No underwear?" My voice was meek. I couldn't help but notice.

"You took it all." He folded his arms.

I was embarrassed. Embarrassed that he realized I had taken all his underwear. Embarrassed that I had been such an ass. Embarrassed that he was standing there in only a tank top.

He wasn't embarrassed, even as the comforter guy came back in to get the rest of his blankets.

I looked at the laundry basket, still stuffed with my clothes and his underwear. I tried not to look at him. I tried not to stare. I glanced all around us. The sun was starting its descent in the evening sky. I put my hand onto the basket, into the remainder of dirty clothes for something to hand him. Just something he could cover up with.

He wasn't speaking. Or budging. And he certainly wasn't smiling. He was staring. Just staring. At me.


thurdaynightgirl said...

Awesome job Veronica !! Love it. You never cease to do exceptional work. Keep up the great work so I can keep lovin it !

BrittaD said...

What an enticing little teaser! It looks like another great Veronica piece. I can hardly wait to read the whole thing...

Anonymous said...

Well Done Veronica! As always!
- Amy

iris berry said...

Veronica, Amazing!!! Leaves me wanting more... I want more...


Veronica said...

Thanks so much Michael, for everything. xoxo