Friday, July 31, 2009

News & Nonsense

• Tomorrow Massachusetts sales tax increases by 25%. The current economic stress has taken a toll on state budgets as well as well as Joe Q. Public's. Fortunately for the state they can simply solve their money woes by putting their burden on the shoulders of it's citizens.
• For the good of Alaska, Palin steps down as governor, can't argue with that. But, she felt the need to do a farwell tour...come on Sarah you're no Cher!
• My health insurance premium just increased by 38% over last year and more people everyday are being priced to death by the health care corporations. Rather than take action and work toward protecting the health and welfare of it's citizens congress has shrugged it's shoulders and is on (a surely well deserved) vacation for the month of August. Is it time for revolution yet?
• And with important issues (like health care) on the table, it's a good thing the 'news' media has focused attention and provided non stop daily coverage of the Professor Gates incident.
• Newsweek's cover story proclaims that the recession is apparently over. Yay!
• I just heard that the tired and tedious Saturday Night Live sketch MacGruber, that parodies 'MacGyver' is being turned into a movie. That news is actually funnier than that sketch usually is.

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