Monday, March 10, 2008

Cover Story

The very amiable, Pedro Rodriguez, contacted me a couple months ago asking if I was up for an interview and if I could provide some images of my artwork for an article in UPPS Magazine. So it was a nice surprise to find out this morning that they also put my work on the cover.

This is the just released March issue. UPPS is the free LGTB magazine of Gran Canaria (you can download the free pdf version -here-), so the interview and most of the magazine is in Spanish, though some parts are translated into English and German.


Sh@ney said...

I got PDF issues so will try and have a look at it through another source if possible but I am sure it is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, when I read "PDF issues" from the previous blog it took my medical mind a minute to go into gear and think God, what is that, I know I've heard of that...thinking some new medical condition was around..... then it came to me, the file PDF. Joked myself.
What a nice piece of mail to receive your signature on the cover of 2 hot men in the surf down under. You are going global faster than than this carbon crisis thing. Congrats. Aussie has some great mags, you profiled one on here last year, Blue 66, and when I went to subscribe they had stopped subscriptions to the U.S. temporarily for some reason.They were selling back issues though so having some of art profiled in their link It ws quality and hot and I ordered the back issue of Heath Ledger. It came back to haunt me because it was between him and Keannu Reeves, glad I made my choise. I hope they make their mag available again. Didn't they proifle your work also? You are getting around young man, talent speaks for itself besides the fact the artist is a nice looking subect to sit down with and interview.....
Thanks for these links to all things good.

Michael Breyette said...

Yeah, I've been in "Blue" twice. It was my first big publication to appear in, quite a big thrill.

I did post some news about "Blue" several months ago. They were on the verge of bankruptcy, but I think things worked out and they stayed up and running. I imagine that explains cutting back on US subscriptions though.

With the internet, going global isn't a tremendous feat anymore. But it's really cool to know that I've shipped to customers in Inuvik (inside the Artic circle), down to New Zealand, to Singapore, Russia, most of Europe and so on. I should compile a list of them all.